Our story began in 1950 as a conventional dairy farm, when Arnold Sayers bought 150 acres at Carswell Farm on the South Devon coast.

Since then, the farm has gained organic status, grown in size and diversified. Today, we farm around 3,000 acres across the West Country and run a numbeer of farm-diversification businesses. We are passionate about doing business ethically and organically, in harmony with nature, so that all our products are free of pesticides and nasty chemical processes and we are ensuring the best possible future for our children.

Our vision is to build a business that brings us, as farmers, closer to the customer and allows us to grow across the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.

What we do

  • produce 5 million litres of organic milk a year from 3 grass-fed herds across the West Country
  • welcome visitors to stay in our farm holiday cottages, rent one of our classic cars or host special events such as weddings or birthdays on one of our cliff top fields overlooking the sea

Farmers Weekly Awards

"Any economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment"


Our Values


It’s the people working in the Carswell Group that make it special. We work hard to provide support and training at every level in our businesses, and provide unique opportunities for experienced people and newcomers alike. The satisfaction of working with animals and the seasons in the beautiful setting of the Devon countryside is what makes us get up in the morning and love coming to work

Click here to watch our farmer, Huw, share his passion


Farming organically is healthier for the soil and our animals and is inherently more sustainable. With regular soil sampling and detailed analyses, we focus on soil health so that we can grow the best quality grass and forage for our cows whilst improving, rather than taking from, the ground we farm. We don’t use pesticides or artificial fertilisers. Wildlife thrives on our farms and the products we produce are tasty, healthy and completely organic.


We want the best and make no excuses for being single-minded with this approach in everything we do. We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, with great grass to feed our cows. Whether staying in one of our holiday cottages, or sampling our organic milk, the taste, service and provenance will be of the highest quality.


We are just stewards of the land we manage – we tread as lightly as we can on the planet, nurturing the soil and preserving our environment for future generations. Our cows graze on lusciously nutritious pastures bathed in sunlight on Devonshire hillsides. We have a low carbon footprint because we don’t need fertiliser; we use clover to fix nitrogen in the soil, and other nutrients are returned to the soil via the other end of the cow. We generate more energy from renewable sources than we use and work hard to close the energy and resource-use loop in all our businesses.

Sayers Farms

Our cows are the starting point for the rest of the business and, without them, our company would not exist. We believe absolutely that organic milk from grass is the healthiest.

Each of our three dairy farms is different, but we all work to the same principles of highest animal welfare and environmental stewardship. By looking after our cows, we are rewarded with the best produce. Together, we produce 5 million litres of organic milk from 3,000 acres of land in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

All of our farms follow three basic principles

Milk from Forage

Our cows graze fresh grass for at least nine months of the year and preserved grass (silage/haylage) during winter. This means the cows are healthy, free range, and able to eat the food they were designed to.

Block Calving

This means that all the cows in the herd calve at the same time of year. We match the best quality food to the right stage of the cow’s lactation, so when the cows need the most energy to make milk, they have it.

The Best Cow for the System

We use the best genetics from around the world to achieve a cow that is physically strong, productive and best adapted to our land to enjoy a happy, long life.

Our Group

Our Locations


If you love cows and grass, and want to develop your career with the goal of having your own herd to manage within a few years, please contact us. We aren't currently recruiting for any of our farms but do contacts us if you'd like your details to be kept on file.

Contact US

If you’re interested in a specific business, click on a link below – but do drop us a line if you’d like to know more about the Carswell Group or would like to get involved.

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